martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

The Stare of the Havanese

Sometimes you catch a glimpse of them. They are gazing at you from behind a curtain. The eyes of a wolf.

jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2011

Dog in the mirror

2 years! I look into the mirror of advancing age and see nothing but my own image —all black & white but not a shade maturer.

viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Bearanese sighted near Granada!

Cuban Bear sighted near Granada! Apparently she's been attracted by the pungent cholesterol and sugar smell exuded by the multitude of tourists who invade our city. She's extremely dangerous. If you meet her, don't call the Rangers -she knows them all! In order not to upset her, it's best to give her any preferably greasy bits you might find in your pockets and/or a couple of Euros. And then RUN for your life!

lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

Andalusian Singing Poodle

Back in the 80s, my beloved Carlos Cano also looked a bit like a poodle -a handsome, athletic poodle with his impressive Afro haircut. Anyhow, today we celebrate the National Day of Andalusia and this song could have become Andalusia's National Anthem. It's a really emotional song, I like it very much (despite my not being a nationalist). Worth listening!

sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011

Cagnolina persa

Tonight a very good friend of mine has left facebook. I am sincerely sad. Just in case you read this, carissima, I want to tell you that I will miss you and your sweet cagnolina, that I know that many others will miss you as well and that we all hope that you come back soon again. Loads of Love from your broken-hearted friend Ottima Massima.

sábado, 1 de enero de 2011